Märchen: Fantasies in miniature. A digital workshop for a creative age.


Märchen was born from the passion of telling stories through play, creativity, and art. Through our skills, products and games we contribute to the great human tradition of storytelling.  

This is Märchen.


Märchen Atelier

Märchen Atelier creates professional miniatures, collectibles and figures for professional projects such as board games, wargames and toys. By harnessing the dynamic workflow of digital sculpting, we provide amazing quality and value to your investment.

You are welcome to browse our professional portfolio and contact us through this very website were we can negotiate how to turn your imagination into reality.


Heriberto Valle

Founder and current creative director at Märchen Atelier. Enjoys working in the board industry and is an avid hobbyist.

Gibran Machaen

Sculptor at Marchen Atelier that adores creating collectibles and hobby miniatures.


Fatima Valle

Sculptor at Marchen Atelier, interested in modelling for the gaming industry and a multi-hobbyist.


3D modelling

focused mainly on the board game industry


3D Sculpting

For hobbies and Miniatures



For collectibles


Studio Contact:
Heriberto Valle: info@marchenstore.com

Gibran Machaen:



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